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Breaking Bad Episode 507 – Say My Name

Walt, Jesse, and Mike meet Mike’s contact in the desert, Mike is prepared to let Walt take the lead. He tells them they are not getting the methylamine but he needs distribution. He says if they give up their cook, he’ll give them 35% of the profits. They laugh but Walt is the self-declared New York Yankees of the meth world. He knows they use food coloring to mock his meth but his purity ensures users will pay top dollar and he gets more out of each batch. He promises himself and Jesse as cooks and tells them he’s the man who killed Gus, and makes the men “Say My Name” as they realize he is Heisenberg. I really want to know just how small Walt’s dick is because, damn he gets off on that.
Jesse reminds Walt he retired too but Walt asks him to stay for the transitional stage and they’ll figure it all out later. Mike bids them adieu, warning them the DEA will sweep for the bug they planted so Walt better get it out of there quick. Jesse hopes to see Mike later on the other side but Mike is done and obviously doesn’t believe Jesse has escaped Walt’s control.
Walt brings Jesse to the car wash to pick up the methylamine. Jesse tries to play nice but Skyler continues to be cold. Skyler questions what Walt is hiding and wants to know who he needs to hide it from.
Mike’s lawyer friend butters up a bank worker with bacon banana cookies. She unlocks the safe deposit boxes and leaves him be. He unloads the legacy payments Mike paid off with his 5 million while leaving the remainder for Mike’s granddaughter’s fund. He meets Mike in the car who promises he’s done good.
Mike goes to the desert and listens to the bug on Hank for the last time before deposing of laptop and his guns. He then parks his car in the airport parking lot and plants something close before leaving. The police come to his home soon after to search his property.
Walt prepares for the next cook when Jesse arrives. Walt is eager to get started but Jesse wants to talk. Walt promises Jesse his own lab because he’s just as talented as Walt. Jesse reiterates that he wants out but Walt says he has the opportunity to be the best at something and he’s going to walk away from that for what? He reminds him he has nothing and no one in his life. He tells Jesse he can’t stop because of the boy they killed. He reminds Jesse that he’s killed too and if there’s a hell he’s all ready going so why quit now. Wow, great slaes technique, Walt. Jesse is tired of the killing and wants out. Walt tells him if he’s so above the killing, he wouldn’t want the blood money. Jesse walks away, saying he doesn’t need the money.
Gomez meets with Herb and tells him Mike’s trail has gone cold. He’s just another grandpa and none of the associates are making any moves. Herb finds it odd that one lawyer is representing the entire crew minus Mike and asks Gomez to trail him.
Walt has brought Todd into the cooking process despite his total lack of chemistry knowledge. He’s clearly overwhelmed and Walt is less than thrilled but likes that Todd isn’t looking for money until he masters Walt’s methods.
Gomez trails the lawyer straight to the safe deposit boxes and no amount of cake pops will get him out of this one.
Back at the house, Walt tries to make small talk with Skyler over his change in work partner’s but she walks away.
Walt runs to Hank’s office to cry about his marital problems, knowing Hank will jump at the chance in leave the office leaving Walt to snatch the bug. As Hank returns to the office, Gomez comes to tell Hank about catching the lawyer. Walt hears them celebrate how they are going to get Mike.
The lawyer calls Mike and asks to meet him to discuss the money, something has come up. Mike tells him he’s at the park and to come to him. Walt calls as soon as he gets off the phone and warns Mike that the lawyer flipped. Sure enough, cop cars pull up to the playground and for the first time ever Mike looks like a caged rat.
Walt and Jesse meet with Saul who can’t believe Mike would be so stupid. Saul is worried Mike will sell them all out. While Jesse ensures Mike won’t do that, but Walt doesn’t trust his nine associates. Mike calls and says he has an “out bag” at the airport but can’t get to it. Jesse volunteers but Mike won’t let him. Walt says he’ll do it and meets Mike in a secluded place. He tells Mike he’ll give him the bag for the names of his nine men. Mike tells him he needs to do like him and move on, but Walt says he can’t do that. Walt demands names but Mike feels he owes him nothing. Mike blames Walt for blowing everything up by killing Gus (PUN!). He goes to leave but Walt (overcome with hurt pride) shoots him with his own gun. He drives away and tries to escape via the nearby river but it’s too late. Walt catches up to him and tells him he screwed up, that he didn’t need the names from him, there could have been another way without another death but Mike tells him to let him die in peace. I’ll miss Mike, but everything was clearly heading in this direction. Mike and Walt’s partnership was destined to end with bloodshed.

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