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Breaking Bad Episode 506: Buyout

Back from vacation. Many thanks to my brother for filling in for me!
The crew returns from the heist and destroys all evidence of their one witness. Even Walt seems unsettled by what they’ve done but Jesse does not take part in the process due to grief. After they are done, Todd (aka Landry from Friday Night Lights) tries to buddy up to Jesse, but Jesse responds by punching him in the face.
Todd tries to defend himself. Saying the boy was a threat and he took care of it. Jesse does not see his point of view. Walt asks him to leave so they could discuss what to do next. Jesse thinks Todd is a loose canon while Walt says Todd has a point and is in too deep to cut loose. He proposes they keep him involved in the operations but in a limited respect so they can keep an eye on him. The group agrees but Jesse is clearly unhappy with the decision. Mike lets him know he’s still in but there cannot be any similar instances.
Gomez and his partner are staking out Mike as he spends time with his granddaughter. They see him plant something by the trash can before leaving. They check it out and it’s Mike way of letting them know he’s on to them and he’s not pleased. At home Mike listens to Herb’s surveillance recording and hears Herb say they just have to wait for Mike to slip up. Mike knows this is true.
Marie admits Walter Jr is avoiding them but she wants to know how Skyler is doing but she breaks down, saying she needs the kids to be with Marie so they are safe. Skyler says if Marie knew the truth she would never forgive her and Marie lets her know she knows “the truth” about Ted. Skyler is not pleased.
While on a break from cooking Walt and Jesse see a news report about the boy they know Todd killed and how the search continues. Jesse feels awful for the parents but Walt promises they are finally able to run things their way and make sure no one else gets hurt. He assures Jesse he’s equally heartbroken about the kid but sends Jesse home. On the way out Jesse hears Walt whistling like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but then gets a phone call and plans a meeting with the caller.
Walt goes to deliver the batch and finds Mike alone with Jesse. Mike invites him to join them. Mike tells Walt about the DEA agents following him and Walt is not pleased he waited so long to tell them. Mike says he’s out. Walt agrees it’s for the best and that Jesse can take on the additional responsibilities but Jesse says he’s quitting too. Walt reminds Jesse of all the methylamine they just stole but Mike has a buyer for it. It’s a easy 5 million each, but the decision is up to Walt. Walt thinks Jesse is kissing a lot of money good-bye but Jesse doesn’t want to be involved with meth anymore and clearly hopes Walt could feel the same.
Mike and Jesse meet Mike’s contact in the desert. They arranged a test, one gallon so they can insure its quality. The contact wants a promise that the blue stuff is off the market and without that, there’s no deal. Back to the drawing board for Mike and Jesse.
Walt’s cell rings symbolically from under his Heisenberg hat. It’s Jesse who wants to meet. Walt plays hard to get and insists Jesse come to him. When Jesse arrives he tells Walt the contact won’t buy without his share. Jesse says he knows when they started they never dreamed of making 5 million off of meth but Walt insists he will not throw everything he’s built away. He tells Walt about Grey Matter and how he sold his shares early on and lost the potential to earn billions and he won’t do it again. This is a significant moment because it’s the first time he ever been really honest about his motives. He always hides before the lie of doing it all “for his family” but it is all about his pride and power. He tells Jesse he intends to build an empire. Skyler returns and Walt insists Jesse be their guest for dinner just because he like nothing more than making his puppets dance.
Jesse tries to be a polite guest by complimenting Skyler’s cooking but Skyler says it’s pre-made. Jesse tries to kill the silence by talking about the many disappointing frozen meals he’s had in his day. Oh, Jesse! He may be a drug dealer with a fondness for the word “Bitch!” but somebody clearly tried to teach him some manners. He changes the subject by telling Skyler how Walt brags about what she’s done with the car wash and she asks him if he also knows about her affair and leaves. Walt shares the sick truth about the state of his marriages and says the business is all he has. He won’t let Jesse take it from him. OOOOOOh boy!
Mike walks in on Walt clearly trying to steal the methylamine. Mike locks Walt in the office and informs his share his is being sold and there’s nothing Walt can do about it. The next morning, he ties Walt to the radiator as he tends to other business. Walt wastes no time looking for a way out. He destroys a nearby coffee pot and starts a small electrical fire to break his restraints. I swear, cockroaches and Walter White could survive the nuclear holocause.
Saul is at his sleazy lawyer best informs Hank and Gomez that their harassment is causing Mike distress and they are filing a restraining order against them. He ensures them that he knows a particular judge who doesn’t appreciate cops harassing senior citizen, leaving Hank and Gomez back at square one.
Mike returns and sees the methlomayne gone and puts a gun to Walt’s head. Jesse stops him from shooting, saying Walt has a plan where they all win. Suuuuuure.

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