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Breaking Bad 505- Along Came a Spider

A boy rides a rusty motorbike through the desert. He stops and approaches a tarantula. He picks it up and put it in a jar. He hopes back on his bike and it’s really unclear what this is going to lead to.
Walt visits Hank at his new office. Hank notices Walt’s new watch, a sort of birthday present for himself. Hank congratulates him on treating himself after the last year. Walt says Skyler has returned to work but people will be keeping an eye on her and she’s found a doctor. He thanks Hank for watching the kids and wants to stop by for a visit. He confesses that Skyler doesn’t love him anymore and thinks he’s a bad influence on the kids. Interesting tactic, telling the truth – to a point. That way if Skyler tries to discuss it with them, they already know “the whole story”. Hank doesn’t understand where Skyler is coming from. Hank goes to get Walt some coffee and Walt plants a bug in a picture frame and something on his computer that will most likely allow Walt to see what Hank does on his computer.
Lydia has been brought to a basement for one more chance to redeem herself. She is to call Hank and read from a script. Any funny stuff and she’s dead. She does as she’s told and tells him about the tracker she found. Hank doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about but tells her to put the barrel aside and he’ll check it out. This conversation is used as an opportunity to test the bug. It seems the DEA had nothing to do with the tracker and now that Hank knows about it, she’s useless to them. Mike and Walt agree she must be done away with but Jesse believes her and her innocent is confirmed when they overhear Hank talking to the FBI who was responsible for the tracker. In a last ditch effort to save her life she tells them she can get them all the methylamine they could ever dream of. She wants Walt to promise on his children’s lives that they won’t kill her after she helps them. She shows them the route of a freight train carrying methylamine. There is a dead zone in the route where help could not be reach during a burglary. Mike thinks it’s too risky. Lydia gets lippy, questioning how professional the crew could be. This chick! I really have trouble believing she ever was useful. She’s so nervous and such a loose cannon, how could Gus have relied on her?
Hank is enjoying having the kids over but Walter Jr (or possibly Flynn again) isn’t adjusting well and is isolating himself from the family. Poor Walter Jr. He is going to be such a messed up adult at this rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets into drugs at this rate. Possible series ender – Walter Jr ODs on Walt’s meth.
Mike and Walt are fighting again over operations. Mike wants to cook without the methylamine and while Walt wants to rob the train Lydia spoke of. Nothing gets the gears turning in Jesse’s head like Mike and Walt fighting, and he thinks they could find a way to steal the methylamine without anyone knowing it was taken.
Walt’s got his Heisenberg hat on and the crew is scoping out the dead zone Lydia has told them about. Jesee picks a sweet spot and the plan goes into action. With the help of a few of Mike’s connections, they dig a hole and bury two tanks, one for methylamine , one for water. Jesse’s idea is to swap the methylamine out for water so the weight of load doesn’t change. They won’t be stealing all the methylamine , so when the deluded shipment is discovered, they will blame the Chinese.
Back home Flynn(?) is refusing to stay with Hank and Marie and wants answers. Walt tells him he is the child and he will listen to his parents and it’s back to Hank and Marie’s house he goes. Skyler wants the kids out of the house indefinitely, pointing out that Walt’s getting guns held to his head and doesn’t see that as a problem. If Walt can agree to that, she will commit herself to helping him however he wants. He begrudgingly accepts and informs her she is to tell everyone she is seeing a counselor named Peter but let’s her choose the last name. What a great guy, letting her name her fake therapist.
Lydia calls Mike to start the plan in motion. Mike watches as their decoy truck stops, pretending to be broken down on the tracks. The train approaches and stops when they see the driver. Once the train has stopped, Walt, Jesse, and their helper set up hoses to drain the methylamine while adding the water. The driver of the “broken down” truck stalls with the engineers as Mike communicates to Walt about how things are going. Everything is going smoothly until another driver approaches and offers to help. Mike tells Walt to pull the plug but Walt is too greedy to play it safe and says the job isn’t done yet. Walt’s recklessness pays off but just barely. Eventually this type of behavior with bite Walt in the ass. But there’s one witness, the kid with the fucking tarantula, who their helper bee promptly kills, further ensuring Jesse will never be normal.

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One response to “Breaking Bad 505- Along Came a Spider

  1. I was really thinking that kid was going to find something from when they were cooking in the motor home and tie it back into something from season 1. Totally fucking floored by what happened. Possibly my favorite episode yet.

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