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Breaking Bad 502 Madrigal

Taste test in Germany shows a man joylessly trying new tater-tot dipping sauces. An assistant enter informs the executive that they’re back, three of them this time. He watches workers take down the El Pollos Hermanos logo as he goes to meet with the police, who observe framed photos of him with Gus. He locks himself in the bathroom and undresses as the police knock on the door, insisting he come out. Instead of meeting with the police, he kills himself with a defibrillator.
Jesse feels incredibly guilty about the missing poison cigarette, he doesn’t want someone to find it and get hurt. We see Walt creating a new poisonous cigarette, hiding the old one as he assures Jesse it will turn up somewhere. The two search Jesse’s house, Walt excellently playing along. Suddenly Walt discovers Jesse’s roomba. Walt suggest they check it and surprise, surprise- they find the cigarette. Jesse breaks down. He can’t believe he almost killed Walt when he stupidly lost the cigarette! Poor manipulated Jesse! Walt tells him it’s ok and they will be stronger in the future. The future? Jesse asks.
Mike relaxes at home when there’s a knock at the door. Walt and Jesse are looking to partner up with Mike as they want to start cooking again. It will be all theirs this time and they won’t have to share the profits with people like Gus. Mike is not interested. Walt insists Mike not make his decision based on personality differences but Mike says he doesn’t want to be around Walt the ticking timebomb any longer.
Hank enter the DEA offices without a cane when Steve fills him in about the Germans that have flown in. The Germans insists that they knew nothing of Gus’ illegal activities and their company’s involvement. Hank’s boss is getting forced out for not jumping on Gus when Hank first spoke up. They talk about the magnet incident and confirm the laptop was destroyed. The boss cannot believe he trusted Gus, had him in his home. A criminal mastermind was right under his nose. Cut to Hank who calls Heisenberg brother-in-law.
Mike sits in a diner reading the paper when a mysterious woman enters the diner and sits in the booth next to him. Her name is Lydia and she is visibly nervous and uptight and Mike does not have time for her theatrics. She wants to know who killed Gus and she’s worried about the men who worked for him who will bring everything else crashing down when they talk. She has a list of eleven men and wants Mike to kill them. Mike tells her these are good men who will keep their mouths shut. He chose them because they could be trusted. He tells her stop acting like she’s living in a movie and walks out.
Mike runs into some Asian associates who appear very shaken after meeting with the DEA. It’s Mike’s turn to be questioned by Hank. Hank tries to find a hole in Mike’s story but Mike knows his game seeing that he’s a former cop. But Hank knows all about this and that he left the force under shady circumstances. Steve tells him they have a witness placing him in the meth lab and Mike asks to leave. On his way out, Hank tells him about an offshore bank account with a large sum of money in his granddaughter’s name attached to it. Damn Hank’s good. They hint that if he cooperates, they could arrange for Mike’s granddaughter to get some of that 2 million.
The crew meet at Saul’s and Walt rules out a RV for the next place to cook. Jesse says supplies aren’t available at the moment but Walt will not accept this. Saul encourages Walt to thank his lucky stars and retire but Walt needs cash and know he can make it by cooking.
Mike’s grandpa time is interrupted by the nervous Japanese man who says the DEA have taken all his money and want to talk to him again. He asks Mike to come over so they can speak in person and when Mike agrees we see the man is being held at gunpoint. Mike approaches the house and while the gunman seems prepared to shoot, Mike’s too smart for him. He takes over the situation and knows who is behind all of this. The gunman is a former associate who says he had to take on the job Mike turned down, he needed the money. Wrong answer. Mike kills the man.
We see Lydia with her family. Mike has snuck in and holds the woman at gunpoint. She begs him to keep her daughter safe and asks him to not shoot her in the face. She doesn’t want her daughter seeing her that way. When Mike tells her not to worry about her five-year-old finding her, she begs him not to make her disappear. She can’t do that to her little girl. He asks her if she can still get supplies and she says yes. Seeing that she’s still useful, he lets her live. He calls Walt about tells him he’s in.
Skyler has not been able to get out of bed. Walt promises everything she’s feeling about Ted’s situation will pass. While kissing her, he reminds her they are doing all of this for good reasons, they are doing it for their family. Oh boy.

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4 responses to “Breaking Bad 502 Madrigal

  1. While not as “HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME” as the first ep., this one sets up the entire rest of the show so brilliantly.

    I love the scene where Walt goes to wake up Skyler and the camera doesn’t show either of their faces…Then the shot is mimed for the end, only Skyler’s face is the only one shown. So amazing.

    • Did you happen to see the gifs of Aaron Paul on The Price is Right in the late 90s? It’s amazing!

      • Yeah, my wife found those yesterday while we were waiting for the show to start. I thought it was a joke.

        Are you watching that Small Town Security show after Breaking Bad? We didn’t see the pilot but we stuck around for the last episode and it was actually pretty good. Still can’t tell if it’s real or fake and meant to look real but it’s interesting either way.

  2. MrMcBam ⋅

    Thought it was a really tight, well-written episode. Glad to finally have a Mike-centric episode.

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