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Bieber in Space, Joe Francis Gone Wild, & Don’t Touch Rhianna’s lipstick

A woman is suing Rhianna claiming the singer’s RiRi Woo lipstick gave her herpes, saying free samples given out at a recent concert were used by multiple people, causing her to be infected. “Right, she got herpes from the lipstick, that’s it,” says the woman’s boyfriend.

A judge finalized the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, over a year and a half after the reality star filed to end their 72 day old marriage. Kardashian can now focus on ending her relationship with baby daddy Kanye West. Kanye, her divorce lasted seven times as long as her marriage, you’re having a kid with her, you better pack a lunch, because you’re in for quite the ride when this relationship goes in the crapper.

Katy Perry and John Mayer were seen canoodling over the weekend, sparking rumors they’re giving romance a third try. You know what, I don’t hate on this couple, they are keeping the herpes in the family and I respect that.

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is frantically trying to stop the release of a sex tape featuring him and his current girlfriend. Francis does not want the public seeing something so private but after a few jell-o shots and a free t-shirt maybe he’ll change his mind.

Billionaire Richard Branson announced that Justin Bieber and his manger has booked seats on Virgin Galactic, which allows tourists to explore space. While Branson is planning on sending the pop star into orbit, the rest of us our trying to figure out how to get him to stay there.

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