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Revolution- Pilot

In Chicago, two young children mindlessly watch Bugs Bunny. Mom tries to get them to say hi to grandma but they are too zoned out. Dad, Ben, comes home and says they need to fill the sinks and the tubs because it’s happening.
He calls him his brother Miles who is on his way back to the base after a few drinks (good role model) . Ben warns him that all the lights are going off and they are never coming back. And with that all electronic devices start to stop. Televisions, computers, even cars and planes stop working, which doesn’t seem to make much sense, but whatever.
Flash forward sixteen year, Aaron, a disgruntled teacher, tells the children that things didn’t used to be that way and the all should be asking why, but they don’t seem too overly concerned. After class he runs into Ben, who seems pretty please that everything went to shit just like he said it would, and tells him how his backyard becoming a raccoon brothel keeps him from sleeping. This one is one to watch.
We see a grown up version of those two mindless kids, Charlie and Danny, explore an abandoned bus which brings back memories for Charlie of when the lights first went out and she got to eat all the ice cream she wanted. Danny has an asthma attack and Charlie hurries him home. Back home he’s treated by dad’s new lady friend, Maggie, who Charlie’s isn’t too fond of. Ben reprimands Charlie for putting her younger brother in danger, but Charlie points out that everything is dangerous. Ben says she’s right and asks her if she wants to end up killed like her mother.
Gus Fring (!) rides into town and demands to see Ben, who sneaks some sort of talisman to Aaron. Gus (they have not given him a name yet so he’s the dude from Breaking Bad) says he wants to know where Ben’s brother Miles is and says he works for Sebastian Monroe (woah, that’s a name) and hasn’t come this far for nothing. Danny, inadvisedly whips out a crossbow and threatens Gus. This inspires Gus’ crew and other townspeople to whip out their illegal weaponry. In the confusion Danny shoots and hits his father. Fing Danny! It’s gonna be like that, is it? A full out fight breaks out, with Gus ending things by shooting the rebellious townsfolk. Danny is taken away by Gus and his men.
Charlie runs in just in time to see her father die. She promises to find Danny. However, she has company, Maggie and Aaron are insisting to tag along, despite the fact that Aaron is allergic to bees and is most likely afraid of his own shadow. I like that he’s sticking around.
Gus tells Danny it’s nothing personal, that if he couldn’t bring in his father, he couldn’t go back to his boss empty handed. He reminds Danny that he isn’t the one with blood his hands. Danny is intend to escape. Danny is kind of dumb.
The trio make camp and Aaron says he wasn’t expecting the chafing. He asks about Uncle Miles and Charlie says he’s good at killing. Aaron is thrilled to hear this, not!
The next morning Charlie runs into a fellow named Nate. Their exchange is brief but it’s clear this is someone who we will be seeing more of. She rejoins Maggie and Aaron and the trio find an airplane to make camp in. Aaron knows that there are first aid kits in the cockpits of planes because he owned one as a former big wig at Google, which does not exist anymore. I don’t think you need to own a plane to know about first aid kits, but it gives us info about Mr. Aaron.
Danny has broken out of his shackles but drew some attention. He knocks out his guard and makes a run for it.
The trio wakes up at knifepoint as their “plane as shelter” idea is a popular one. Aaron tries to play tough guy which is inadvisable. Maggie leads them to some liquor she has in her bag and then one drags Charlie off to most likely have his way with him. Suddenly the bad guys start puking blood, thanks to the poisonous liquor Maggie tricked them with and Nate is back, of course, shooting Charlie’s attacker.
Turns out Nate is going to Chicago to try to find work on a fishing crew so he, at least momentarily, joins the crew.
Danny stumbles through a field where he runs into pollen!!!! Oh no!!!! His Kryptonite! This one is going to be a problem.
The crew finds their way into Chicago and Aaron full of memories from his past life and leads the crew into the hotel he got married in. Lucky enough the bar tender at the hotel is Uncle Miles! What are the odds?
Danny wakes up in a bed with a guy to his head. He was found by someone else who can be killed by pollen.
Charlie asks Miles why he’s wanted by Monroe. He says they think he and her father know why the lights went out and might know how to turn them back on, but he doesn’t want to get messed up in all that. Charlie demands he help out of family loyalty but Miles doesn’t really know what he owes a girl he hasn’t seen in fifteen years. Ohhh snap!
The group notices Charlie is upset and when Nate sees Miles he’s ready for blood. However, Miles reveals Nate has the mark of the militia. Nate freaks and hurries out of the hotel, weapon drawn.
The group try to decide what to do next. Miles plans to enjoy the last bottle of single-malt in Chicago while waiting for the militia, summoned by Nate, to come for him. Charlie thinks that’s crazy talk and even if he doesn’t join their ranks, he can’t just wait to be killed. Uncle Miles clearly it’s the Fun Uncle and screams at Charlie to leave him alone.
Gus has followed Danny to the farm house and questions Danny’s caretaker. While she originally swears she hasn’t seen anyone for weeks, Gus sees through this since he used to be an insurance adjuster. Wow, life has changed a lot for this dude. He busts into the bedroom just as Danny escapes out the window.
As predicted, Nate leads a militia group straight to Miles who is ready for them. While seemingly prepare to fight an army all by his lonesome, Charlie and the others bust in to help save the day. Even Aaron is helpful, but I like him too much to trust that he will not be killed off. Nate helps Charlie and the two briefly face off sharing a meaningful look before Nate runs off. He’ll be back.
As Maggie tends to Miles’ wound, he agrees to join their little crew. He doesn’t think it’s going to end well for any of them but what else is he going to do, right? Charlie is still happy, nonetheless.
In a flashback it is revealed that Miles’ buddy from the beginning of the episode is Sebastian Monroe, the big baddy!
We see present day Monroe as he receives news that Ben is dead and Danny has been captured, he doesn’t seem completely pleased.
Farmer lady goes to her attic and reveals she also has the same talisman Ben gave Aaron and we see it generates power, allowing her to operate her computer and access a primitive version of the internet. She conversing with another, proving there are others.
While the premise is a bit hard to believe and everyone is a bit to pretty and clean for people surviving a kind of Armageddon, this show has potential to be ok, but, as it reminds me a lot of Heroes in tone and style, it could also become horrible.

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