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Breaking Bad Episode 508 Gliding Over All

Fly. Those are always trouble on this show.
Todd reports for work to find Walt staring at a fly on the light. He has dealt with Mike’s car, insuring he was not followed and no questions were asked, but he thinks it’s pretty cool how they turn cars into cubes.
They now must deal with Mike’s body. He tells Todd it had to be done. They are about to dispose of Mike when Jesse stops by, asking if Mike got out. Walt answers in a way that to Jesse is affirmative but isn’t a true “yes”. Jesse asks what they are going to do about the nine but Walt reminds him they are not a team anymore and he will handle it alone.
Walt showers and we see the copy of Leaves of Grass Gale gifted Walt is kept by the toilet.
Hank is meeting with a prisoner willing to talk in exchange for all charges dropped. Hank doesn’t take the bait.
Walt meets with Lydia at a restaurant and she’s her typical neurotic self. She worries how it will “play” with Walt not ordering anything. This lady thinks she’s living in a spy movie. He wants the names but Lydia worries the names are the only thing keeping her alive. Walt reminds Lydia of his promise but Lydia says he would protect her from Mike, and Mike is clearly out of the picture now. Walt says if she withholds the names, then she’s truly useless to him, but Lydia says she will grow his business in the Czech Republic. While Madrigal is still under investigation, it’s a big company and Lydia can make international maneuvers with a click of a mouse. She says she was working with Gus towards expanding into this marker when he was killed. She asks for ten months to deliver and Walt agrees. Now the names can be given and Lydia’s usefulness remains intact. She leaves and Walt reveals to the audience he was keeping the power to kill her right under his hat all along. The old recin trick again.
At home, Walt hides the recin in the wall outlet before calling Todd, requesting to meet his uncle and his connections. They plot how to kill the nine within the prisons, using all their available resources. Todd’s uncle says they can all be killed but to do so in such a short time frame would even be tricky for Seal Team 6. Walt does not accept this answer. He says the question really is, is he the right man for the job. He has to figure it out.
It’s go time and they have teams of prisoners brutally murdering the nine by beating, shanking, and, in one case, burning one to death. News gets to Hank in the middle of a photo op and it’s back to square one for his case.
News of the prison murders hits the airwaves as Walt enjoys playful daddy-daughter time with Holly. Marie rushes in and shuts off the television. She says Hank is pulling into the driveway and has had an awful day at work. Hank heads straight for the liquor cabinet and pours himself and Walt a drink. He sits down and reminisces about a job he had while in college tagging trees. Every morning he could pick up where he left off the day before and he sometimes wishes he could go back to tagging trees instead of chasing monsters.
Montage! Walt’s new venture with Lydia begins. Money is pouring in and Todd is steadily learning the trade.
Time has passed as we see little Holly starting to learn how to walk. Skyler tries to extend the family time but a call from a friend sends Walter Jr out of the room. Marie thinks Skyler is doing so much better and it might be time to have the kids move back in them. Skyler wants to know if Hank doesn’t want them around anymore, but Marie says the issue isn’t the kids themselves, but whether keeping the kids is enabling her.
Skyler comes home and sees Walt sitting out by the pool. She approaches him and asks him to take a drive with her. They go to a storage facility where she has a unit containing all the money they have made. She says it’s too much to count. Too much to launder. She wants her old life back so when is enough, enough for Walt.
Walt goes in for scans, something we haven’t seen him do for a long time. Afterwards he visits Jesse, whose days are now spent almost accidentally burning his house down. Walt explains he tried to call but none of Jesse’s numbers are working. Jesse invites him in and sheepishly puts his bong out of sight. Saul told Jesse what Walt did and he’s not returning to the business so why is Walt bothering him? Walt says he saw a RV that was the same model as their old one. They reminisce about what a hunk of junk it was. Jesse points out they had money then, why were they saving it? Why did they suffer the World’s shittiest RV? Walt leaves saying he’s left something for Jesse. Jesse’s obviously cautious but it’s money he was owed from the sale. When Jesse is alone, he discards the gun he had been holding, obviously meant to protect him from Walt if needed.
Walt goes home and tells Skyler he’s out. The kids come home and the family celebrates. They are talking such banal stuff you know something big has to be brewing. Hank does to the bathroom and stumbles upon Gale’s copy of Leaves of Grass. The inscription jogs Hank’s memory and the dots connect. Walt is Heisenberg.
Now, what will the last eight episodes have in store? I’m imagining an inevitable showdown between Walt and Hank. I’ve never had a good feeling about that baby. What role will Jesse play in these final days? Will anyone make it out alive?

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