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Breaking Bad 504 Fifty-One

Walt is picking up the car from the shop with Walter Jr. This car has been through a lot and the mechanic praises its sturdiness. Walt turns around and sells the car to the mechanic for 50 bucks, it’s time he upgraded and Walter jr gets that sweet ride he was gifted for his birthday. The two boys rev their engines and it’s very “Men overcompensates for small penises with fancy cars”
Lydia is obviously distracted at work at Madrigal, not even able to dress herself anymore. This chick! Mike calls her to warn her about visitors and in roll Hank and Steve to question her. She takes them to the warehouse and leads them to foreman so they can arrest him. Back in her office she screams into a pillow before calling Mike to update him. She’s clearly on the edge but Mike is Mr.Calm and tells her he’ll get a new guy.
Skyler comes home to see the new cars and is clearly displeased. Over dinner, the Walters debate who’s the sicker driver and Skyler is doing everything in her power to keep herself from speaking her mind. Before bed, Walt lets her know he’s back to cooking. Skyler suggests boarding school for Walter Jr but Walt thinks it’s nonsense and shoots it down. Walt assures her nothing bad is going to happen anymore and they can start planning for the future, including his birthday which he would like to be celebrated. He should be careful what he wishes for.
It’s Walt’s fifty-first and he wants his special birthday bacon. How much can change in a year, as Skyler bitterly arranges the bacon.
Hank and Steve go over the web of Gus’ drug empire and Hank suspects Lydia is involved. While Steve finds her too uptight, Hank noticed the mismatched shoes. He’s so good! Hank explains to his superior that they think Mike is holding things together and says the blue meth is back on the street. The superior asks Steve to leave and tells Hank he will get a promotion if he applies for it but he wouldn’t be in the field any more. Hank knows what Marie would want and accepts.
Walt and Jesse are wrapping up another cook session and Walt asks Jesse if he can leave early, seeing as he probably has a party waiting for him at home, oh delusional Walt,but all he finds is Walter Jr watching tv and Skyler making a simple dinner for the family.
Marie is obviously upset on the ride over and Hank asks what’s up. He thought the promotion would get her out of her funk but Marie says she promised she wouldn’t tell. Hank assumes Walt is having an affair and says he knew since the whole two cell phone things. Hank’s cockiness is enough for Marie to spill the beans.
They are all smiles for the birthday dinner. Walter Jr brags about his sweet car and the family teases him that he better slow down if he doesn’t want to end up in jail. Walt plays off the fancy cars, saying they are leased. And it’s awkward city around the dinner table once Junior leaves. Walt reflects on the crazy year that has just past and how his family helped him through it. Skyler kicks up the awkwardness but walking into the pool, and allowing herself to sink, but Walt jumps in to help her.
Lydia is still struggling at work as she prepares to give Jesse the methylamine. She doesn’t trust him and immediately questions him to ensure he’s not a DEA guy setting her up. She brings him to the stuff but as he lowers the barrel she sees the barrel is tagged and freaks.
Hank tries to get info from Walt about Skyler’s behavior and suggests she talk to somebody. Marie has put her to bed and joins the men in the kitchen. Marie thinks they can get through it and offers to take in the kids so they can work things out. Walt is hesitant but Marie tells him it was Skyler’s idea and she needs time away from the kids. Walt concedes and confronts Skyler, who insists she doesn’t thinks the kids are safe anymore. Walt tells her he’s in charge now and promises all the threats are gone. It should be noted that while the family watched Scarface last night, Walt is very much like another Pacino character, Michael Corleone, but Skyler is no Kay and fights back. Skyler thinks she is a threat to the children as well because of what happened to Ted and she is done with letting her kids live with a murderous drug dealer. Walt tells her the set up with Hank and Marie is temporary but she promises she will do whatever it takes to buy time, including hurt herself but Walt tells her then he will have her committed. She threatens to tell everyone he beats her, or send Walter Jr to boarding school but he tells her she has no options. She agrees she’s stuck but she reminds him all she has to do is wait out the cancer. Ladies and gentlemen, Anna Gunn’s Emmy reel for next year.
Jesse shows Mike and Walt the DEA tracker on the methylamine barrel. Mike says Lydia planted the tracker to get them to leave her alone and she’s dead to him now. Jesse tries to calm him down and Mike says she’s too dangerous to continue working with. He’d rather kill her and find a new connection, even though it would mean taking a break from cooking. They turn to Walt who says they will not slow down under any circumstances. Later, Jesse surprises Walt with a birthday present and says he thinks they are on the right track.
Walt comes home to a smoking Skylar and tells her Walter jr wants to know what’s going on but they are all ok. He tells her money will be coming in soon and invites her to bed, but she clearly isn’t having it. He shows her Jesse’s present and tells her it came from someone who once wanted to kill him but he changed his mind and so will she. So much crazy!

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  1. I’m thinking there is no way around Skylar being killed. She is becoming an obstacle and Walt does not like obstacles…

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