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Breaking Bad 503 Hazard Pay

Mike visits an associate in jail posing as a paralegal. He tells him about last week’s deaths and that it has been taken care of. The associate is unsure about the future and doesn’t think anyone can hold up their part of the bargain anymore. Mike tells him he has a new venture and that everyone will be fine.
Later, Mike is in Saul’s office, waiting to meet with Walt, Jesse, and Saul. Saul doesn’t want Mike involved and is clearly afraid of him, but Walt assures him all Mike does is threaten. Mike is allowed in the room and he lays down the rules, saying they don’t tell each other how to handle their part of the business but Walt clearly feels he is the one in control. Now to find a place to cook! Saul shows the boys a factory that he thinks is perfect for cooking but Walt vetos the space. Next stop a tortilla factory which Walt points out will be prone to government inspection. They leave but Jesse make sure he snatches a free tortilla. Oh Jesse! The laser tag place is out so Saul brings them to a garage that Jesse and Mike immediately dismiss but Walt see potential in some plastic tenting. He suggests they stalk an exterminator company using the fumigated house for temporary cook houses. Saul knows a crooked exterminator company that could be an ally. Mike wants to vote but Walt doesn’t see the point as he and Jesse are a united front
Skinny Pete and Badger are back in the fold and we learn Pete has some unexpected musical talents, Badger, not so much. They are purchasing gear to help the new business. They are super excited about these new developments but Jesse cannot involve them in this new venture. Meanwhile, Mike briefs the exterminator crew about how to address Walt and Jesse and that they will not be stealing from the houses involved.
The exterminators arrive at the first house that will become a lab for Walt and goes over all the legal mumbo jumbo. Once the family is gone, Walt and Jesse roll up and are warned of a nanny cam in the living room. The boys get their hazmat suits on and are ready to get to work.
When Mike counts out the money and Walt thinks their short. Mike explains that the mules need to be paid and he doesn’t have a choice. Mike distributes the wealth and Walt sees more people need to be paid off than expected. Mike is a man of principle and wants to help the people that are now under the D.E.A.’s watch thanks to Walt but Walt wants the full payday he expected. Jesse tries to plays peacekeeper but Walt relents. He’s clearly unhappy but Mike says this is how things are going to be. One alone with Jesse, Walt is now seeing Gus differently and understands some of his more nefarious actions. This talk clearly unnerves Jesse.
Back at home, Walt moves in some more of his stuff much to Skylar’s surprise but she has learned not to question him anymore.
Marie stops by the car wash to have lunch with Skylar and freaks as she watches a “less ethnic” car washer performs questionably. She tells Skylar that Hank is back at work and doing so great with his physical therapy. She also wants to start planning Walt’s birthday but the topic upsets Skylar to the point that she whips out her cigarette. Marie is absolutely shocked by this and start to lecture her sister causing Skylar to have a full on meltdown, telling her sister repeatedly to shut up, like there’s anyone who hasn’t want to do that.
Later, Marie waits for Walt at the Whites’ house and is obviously upset as she tells Walt about Skylar’s meltdown. She wants to know what’s going on and won’t leave until she knows the truth. Walt tells her about Ted’s accident and is shocked to learn Marie knows nothing about the affair. You know he’s been waiting to drop that bomb.
Skylar walks in on Walt and the kids enjoying Scarface, great family flick, Walt, but she finds nothing enjoyable about a movie where a bunch of drug dealers are gundown at the end.
Walt gets a glimpse of Jesse’s family life with Andrea and Brock when an unsuspecting Andrea invites Walt over to dinner. Walt has the balls to ask Brock about the hospital stay he caused and tells him he;s a very brave boy. Walt has a moment of having to curb the control freak within when Brock’s video game obviously gets under his skin.
Later at the cook house, Walt and Jesse share beers and watch the Stooges as Walt casually grills Jesse about his relationship and if Andrea knows what Jesse does for money. Jesse swears he’s told her nothing, but Walt doesn’t know if secrets are the best thing for a relationship. Jesse is clearly ashamed by his past actions and is reluctant to share them with anyone.
When we next see Jesse with Andrea and Brock, he’s obviously distracted and he later shares with Walt that he broke things off. This is most likely exactly what Walt did. It’s Walt’s world, and everyone else is his puppets.

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