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Breaking Bad 501- Live Free or Die

During a flashforward, Walt is having a very special 52nd birthday by himself in a Denny’s. He has hair, a beard, and a New Hampshire ID. He chit chats with the waitress when a person of interest enters and they meet in the bathroom. It’s the guy Walt got the gun from. They make a quick exchange and he leaves with a key. Walt leaves with a new car and a heavy duty weaponry.
Back to the present, Skylar is on the phone with Walt telling him the news of Gus’ death. He tells her it’s over and they’re safe. Walt returns to the house to dispose of all the evidence of his bomb making. He then pours himself a drink but he’s not ready to relax. He has more evidence to hide, the plant he used to poison Brock. Skylar and the kids return and Walter Jr is all abuzz about Gus’ death and how Hank knew all along he was a drug king, but Skylar is obviously disturbed by Walt’s involvement. Walt prods for some sort of reaction and she admits to being scare of this new Walt.
Hank explores the destroyed lab. Steve begs Hank to just say “I told you so” but he’s on the case.
Mike is alive but still in Mexico recovering when the doctors get the news about Gustav. Mike hits the road to return to the state and as soon as he finds Walt he pulls a gun on him but Jesse stands in the way. Walt asks Mike where Gus kept his important information. Mike knows it is all on a laptop that is being labeled as evidence by the cops.
Mike knows everything will be revealed now that the laptop is in the police’s hands. Walt and Jesse try to get more information about where the laptop is but Mike doesn’t want to help Walt blow up a police station or whatever his plan is. Mike and Walt argue as Jesse suggests, several times, with increasing volume, that if they could get a strong enough magnet, their problems will be solved. The trio goes to a junkyard but Mike still thinks disappearing is their best options.
Skylar is obsessed with Gus’ story when Saul pays a visit warning her the police might want to speak to her seeing as Ted just gained consciousness.
The junkyard guy goes through the list of things they can’t have on them when working with the magnet and accuses Jesse of having a pierced penis, something he has serious opinions on. They test run the magnet with a random laptop and it works like a charm, inspiring a “Yeah, Bitches! Magnets!” from Jesse but Mike is still not convinced.
Skylar visits Ted in the hospital to find him paralyzed from the neck down. He promises he won’t tell anyone about Skylar’s involvement in his accident.
Operation Magnet is in effect as Mike breaks into the police station allowing Walt and Jesse to enter with the magnet. Everything in the evidence room is pulled by the magnetic force and the cops run out to find the truck but no Jesse or Walt. Jesse let’s out a celebratory “Bitch!” but is Mike’s still unsure the plan won’t create more headaches. Walt ensures no one can trace anything back to him. And says the plan worked because he says so. Creepy much?
The cops survey the evidence that was damaged including the laptop but a broken picture frame reveals what is most likely a bank account number that will certainly come back later.
Saul fills in Walt about Skylar giving Ted money to pay off the IRS. Walt is furious he was never informed but Saul points out he has done enough for him, including stealing the poison cigarette from Jesse. He tells Walt they are done but Walt lets him know he doesn’t get to make that decision.
Walt goes home and tells Skylar he knows about Ted and he forgives her. Sure….
While Walt is seemingly able to walk away from this whole nightmare, the flashforward assures us, nothing is over yet.

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  2. It’s painful counting down the days until the next episode.

    • MrMcBam ⋅

      This. I’m still not sure what to think of that beginning. Walt turned 50 during the pilot, and it has been almost a year so far. So.. are we to assume that the show will jump forward in time by the end?

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